Concrete Repair

When Do You Need Concrete Repair?

Concrete repair is important, whether cancer, spalling, cracking or any other issue arising within your property. Unfortunately, this usually durable surface can sometimes fall victim to these ailments and, in turn, become brittle and weak as a surface cover. As these materials are usually used in driveways and lanes, a smooth, solid surface is essentialContinue reading “When Do You Need Concrete Repair?”

Strata Builders

What Are Strata Builders?

Strata builders are contractors who manage the accounts of these buildings to ensure all maintenance and construction tasks are handled in line with the code or corporate body process. The name itself means “layers”, which indicates the types of properties it is applied to. From townhouses to apartments, office blocks and more, these layered livingContinue reading “What Are Strata Builders?”

Combustible Cladding

Combustible Cladding – Identification And Concerns

Combustible cladding is a multi-purpose external buffer on residential and commercial properties, protecting them from harsh weather conditions and pre-term deterioration. However, the materials used in combustible cladding can burn rapidly if it catches alight, but it is important to note that the presence of flammable cladding on a building does not necessarily mean itContinue reading “Combustible Cladding – Identification And Concerns”

cracked concrete

Fixing Cracks In Concrete Starts With Early Detection

Concrete is a staple and highly dominant construction material, which is why fixing cracks in concrete is essential to preserve overall structural integrity. Its strength, durability, and retardant nature make it a go-to for residential and commercial construction, but it can become a cost-inducing nightmare without proper maintenance and preventative care. Unfortunately, DIY repairs areContinue reading “Fixing Cracks In Concrete Starts With Early Detection”

What To Know About Cathodic Protection

Cathodic protection is a trusted and reliable technique for preventing the corrosion and deterioration of metal surfaces. This method protects industrial equipment and materials or structures like steel, water pipelines, storage tanks, oil platforms and ships. Corrosion most often occurs on surfaces located underground, exposed to saltwater or around consistent moisture. This effect can alsoContinue reading “What To Know About Cathodic Protection”

Why You need Cladding Services

Cladding services are ideal for increasing the appeal of your property and walls. When you want to upgrade your style without the heavy cost of materials or build a new home with the aesthetic of your dreams, our professional solutions can ensure your home looks the way you want it to. These modern alternatives toContinue reading “Why You need Cladding Services”

Concrete Cancer

Project Name: 51 Ashburner Street, Manly Location: New South Wales, Australia Type: Renovation – Apartments Project Size: 275m2 x 8 Floors  Works: Original apartment block had concrete cancer, water ingress in apartments and non-conforming balconies.Tecorp, using scaffolding and the MiTOWER Swinging Stage, replaced the buildings old sliding doors and windows; installed new glass balustrades, including frosted privacy panels. For the external ofContinue reading “Concrete Cancer”

Guttering System and Roofing

Project Name: 52 President Avenue, Caringbah Location: New South Wales, Australia Type: Roof – Apartments Project Size: 1520m2 Works: Existing roofing and guttering system was leaking on fully occupied four story building. Inadequate fire separation and structural hold down points.Works involved stripping the existing roof off in stages, installing hold down bolts and fire upgrades; then installing the new gutters and roofing. Related Tag: Waterproofing

Sheet Roofing Upgrade

Project Name: 18 Ocean Street, Narrabeen Location: New South Wales, Australia Type: Apartments Project Size: 1250m2 Works: Sheet Roofing was the wrong profile for the roof slope and the box gutters and flashing was inadequate. Works involved removing the existing roof in stages, upgrading the box gutters and flashing details. Then install new mesh insulation and roof sheeting on the occupied fourContinue reading “Sheet Roofing Upgrade”


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