Remedial Repairs

Remedial Repairs – Building Refurbishment

Concrete Cancer? Water Leaks? In desperate need of renovations?

Tecorp specialises in remedial repairs, from houses to large building complexes.

Our team can assist you from the design phase, all throughout the build to handover, giving you peace of mind at each stage.

Benefits Of Concrete Floor Crack Repair And Spalling

When you repair a cracked concrete floor or wall, you need to correct spalling and damage of all kinds to protect the structure of your home. Whether the basement area of above-ground, slap or poured, you can use a cathodic protection system, epoxy, magnesite and many other components to get the space back to perfect condition. With a full range of professional services, we can install the needed aluminium replacement windows and doors once the area has been repaired. Applying a new cover and exterior waterproof membranes for elements like the roof, these services ensure that you can fix your building and take care of any structural issues before they occur. 

Prevent Further Damage

A piece of concrete, whether walls, floors or ceilings, is in good condition is resistant to the most damage. However, once it starts to degrade, it gets much weaker much more quickly. A small crack or damaged area will provide an opportunity for water to sit and flow into the space. This can slowly wear down and break the remaining surface space getting worse over time. In extreme weather, the water in these gaps can even freeze, which causes it to expand and cause even more damage. Taking care of the more minor issues right from the start is the best way to prevent severe damage from ever occurring. In the long run, that makes it much easier to keep the surfaces in good condition and reduces the need for maintenance work in these areas.

Maintaining Appearances

Anyone who owns a property, whether business or private, wants to maintain the building and ensure that it looks appealing. This means a professional image for a company, and for yourself, it means a comfortable, enjoyable place to call home. Unfortunately, even a tiny amount of damage will make a structure look unkept, and when you have brick showing through and paint peeling away, it makes your space look rundown. That usually makes people feel much less comfortable around the building, so it’s vital to clear up the problem as soon as possible. Refurbishment for your facility can ensure that you protect the structure’s integrity while ensuring it looks good from the outside.

Reduce Risk Of Injury

Fixing a damaged floor or wall is especially urgent because doing so can help to avoid accidental injuries. For example, it is easy for people to stumble and fall over the cracks or uneven parts of a damaged floor. The same can be said when dealing with a crumbling wall, with more rough material exposed and far more opportunity for injury. Unfortunately, these accidents often lead to significant injuries or even death. However, you can protect everyone inside with low repair cost, and ensure a functional, good-looking space with the proper maintenance task. 

Whether basement wall spalling repair or fixing concrete floors with epoxy, remedial building repairs or floor removal, our services give you the solutions you need to maintain your building at all times. Our professional team can get the job done right, from waterproofing membranes for your roof to taking out magnesite floors, correcting structural issues or installing new floor slabs. Contact us today for replacement of sacrificial anode, doors & windows and to find out more. 





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