What To Know About Cathodic Protection

Cathodic protection is a trusted and reliable technique for preventing the corrosion and deterioration of metal surfaces. This method protects industrial equipment and materials or structures like steel, water pipelines, storage tanks, oil platforms and ships. Corrosion most often occurs on surfaces located underground, exposed to saltwater or around consistent moisture. This effect can also occur when exposed to the soil throughout the working days as this is a moisture-rich material that will cling to machines. In addition, if it is not addressed timeously, decay can harm metal structures. Read on to find out more about these services. 

How Does It Work?

Two options mitigate corrosion. Primarily, coatings can be used to reduce the impact for a time, but the layer only lasts for a specified amount of time. CP is a secondary form of defence and can be used throughout the asset’s lifespan and maintained. Coatings cannot necessarily or effectively be replaced or supported on all structures. However, the CP is adaptable and can be adjusted to suit the changing environment and corrosion conditions throughout the required time.

Managing Corrosion

The harmful corrosion process can be effectively prevented and managed through this ongoing process of cathodic protection. The CP process involves the conversion of anodic sites on the metal surface into cathodic areas, which directs a current to counteract the corrosive chemical reaction that destroys metal surfaces. However, it must be noted that while CP prevents metal deterioration and corrosion, it does not restore the damaged metal surface. This process makes it an ideal solution for managing metal surfaces. However, when you need repair, you will have to find other solutions. However, it can halt deterioration when you have noticed degradation on the surfaces. 


This process can be used on various metal structures in multiple environments, making it essential to multiple industries. It is one of the few methods of corrosion control that can competently protect a metal surface that is consistently exposed to water or moisture. However, for the CP process to be effective, you must ensure that you design and acquire reliable current from your system.

Cathodic protection is ideal for controlling corrosion across your metal machines and services. With a suitable current running, you can ensure that the process of deterioration is stopped and your metal surfaces are protected. Contact us today to find out more about this range of services.