What To Know About Concrete Spalling & Repair Cost

Concrete spalling and the costs of repairs depend on several factors at the end of the day. As a series of damaged sections due to widely varying temperatures, this effect is not always dire but can often cause a tripping hazard or unsightly service. With professional solutions, you can get the best results for your maintenance needs and work with professionals who understand the most efficient processes. Read on to find out more about this process.

What Does This Mean?

Spalling is the flaking or peeling of tiny particles of cement paste from the near-surface portion of the finished slab. Several processes can cause this, but the most common would be rapid freezing and heating of the slabs. In most instances, the defect does not affect the slab’s service life if untreated, but it will increase the exposed surface, prone to quicker erosion. Therefore, repairing these elements right away is preferable to ensure the longevity and loo of your surfaces.

What Causes It?

The causes of this effect include more than just rapid cooling and heating within your environment, but also the improper placement of material and its reinforcing, electrochemical reactions between embedded metals within the structure, and corrosion of embedded reinforcing steel due to exposure to water or chemicals. These elements can all cause the surface to spall and degrade.

What Is The Best Repair Product?

Non-sag sealant is the best product range for repairing cracks or filling joints in surfaces that have started to break down. With the weak spall points exposed, there is increased chances of cracking and splitting occurring in a more rapid time. When you can use repair solutions that do not sag, you can span them over more minor cracks and spalled areas to ensure a solid rehabilitation.

Why Is The Top Layer Flaking?

Damage will often show up most prevalently when the concrete is exposed to ice or snow, melting and penetrating the spaces. The expanding freezing water pushes the thin layers apart before equalising in the heat of the day and pulling the thin layer away from the rest of the surface.

The repair cost of spalling concrete can vary depending on what stage you catch it and get professional to your property. However, you can effectively manage the space with the proper care and treatment to ensure no further damage will occur. Contact us today to find out more about these services.