When Do You Need Concrete Repair?

Concrete Repair

Concrete repair is important, whether cancer, spalling, cracking or any other issue arising within your property. Unfortunately, this usually durable surface can sometimes fall victim to these ailments and, in turn, become brittle and weak as a surface cover. As these materials are usually used in driveways and lanes, a smooth, solid surface is essential to protecting cars and pedestrians from accidents. Read on to learn more about these issues and when to call the professionals.

Concrete Cancer

Although cancer is not an apparent sign and can usually only be identified during an inspection, it occurs when cracks in the surface material expose the inner steel to the weather and elements. This interaction of steel with air and water leads to a chemical reaction that causes and increases the speed of corrosion. As the steel supports and reinforces the structure of this material, losing its integrity can lead to the entire space crumbling slowly. This damage can lead to irritation or even life-threatening accidents, depending on the use of the installation. It is referred to as cancerous because it deteriorates the internal integrity of the material without necessarily presenting outwardly.

Development Of Cracks

Rain and heat cause expansion and contraction within this material, resulting in cracks or movement visible along the top layer. Excess water falling or sitting on the surface during installation also impacts the strength of the material, leading to shrinking and warping during the setting process. The more water present in the areas, the greater the level of shrinkage will be. Depending on the cause behind the initial damage, these issues can be hairline cracks, shrinkage cracks, settlement cracks or structural cracks.

Uneven Surfaces

When the area beneath the new surface layer is unstable or not correctly prepared, it makes the material set unevenly. This is a perfect recipe for creating tripping hazards, and several varying situations can cause this instability. If you work with professionals to install your new material, they will take care to correctly work on the area beforehand to ensure the best possible results for your investment.


This type of material is affected by the elements it is exposed to. Changing weather conditions can remove the protective coating from the surface, leading to darkening, rust streaks and discolouration. When you can see clear signs of discolouration, it is usually a warning of things to come, and the first thing you should do is call in the professionals for an assessment of your space.

When you can correct and repair concrete cancer and other issues, you can ensure the longevity and safety of your space. Without the proper attention to detail, you may lose money to bad installations again and again. Contact us to get hold of the reliable professionals near you.